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Product Number Tape Thickness mils Weight of Contents lbs Handling Conditions
AD1018, AD1118 AD1085 AD1185 AD1218 1.8 - 1.85 0 - 20 Minimal to moderate handling and stress.
AD1020, AD1120 AD1220 2.0 20 - 35 More demanding manufacturing and shipping conditions.
AD1126, AD1226 2.6 35 - 50 Very demanding manufacturing and shipping conditions.
AD1130, AD1230 3.0 50 - 70 Extreme handling and stress.
AD1135, AD1235 3.5 70 - 100 Withstands the most strenuous conditions.

Adhesive Performance Characteristics
  Adheva Acrylic Hot Melt Natural Rubber
Clarity Excellent Fair Poor
Ageing Resistance Excellent Poor Poor
UV Resistance Excellent Poor Fair
Solvent Resistance Excellent Poor Good
High Temp Excellent Poor Fair
Shear Strength Excellent Fair Good

Machine Length Rolls For machine length applications we recommend AD1185 and AD1120. AD1085 and AD1020 may be considered as alternatives.

Cold Storage Applications If tape is being applied at temperatures under 40° F, test 1200 series products. For extreme conditions, AD1220XL can be applied at temperatures down to 14° F and withstand an operating temperature of -40° F.

Hard to Adhere to Surfaces The high tack, high hold features of the 1200 series solvent acrylic adhesive allows it to perform with recycled or reused cartons. AD1220XL is the product with the highest tack and hold properties.

Over / Under Packed Cartons For over or under packed cartons, high tack and hold is required to maintain a proper seal. Both 1100 and 1200 series products can be tested. 3" wide tape is recommended for over/under packed cartons, for cartons where the flaps do not meet and for cartons that are over 16" wide.

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