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2.6 mil Solvent Acrylic Film Tape
Performance Solution - Premium Grade

Engineered for use with medium to heavy-weight cartons exposed to more demanding manufacturing and shipping environments. Excellent choice to unitize the shipment of multiple cartons.

Application Advantages
Solvent acrylic adhesive provides superior holding power and adhesion to fiberboard.

High-strength polypropylene backing offers excellent edge-tear, and split resistance.

Maintains performance and appearance when exposed to UV light.

Solvent resistant.

May be used with hand-held or automatic dispensers.

Provides excellent performance over a wide range of temperatures.

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Product Particulars
40 micron BOPP
2.6 mil
Solvent Acrylic
Performance Data
Tensil Strength (lbs/in)
27 minimum
Elongation (% at break)
160 maximum
180º Peel Adhesion (oz/in)
UV Resistance
Note: Performance data should not be used as the basis for writing specification. Adheva recommends that customers test product performance in end use situations before implementing them in commercial applications.
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