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1.8 mil Utility Grade Tape
Light Duty Carton Sealing

Economical, general-purpose carton sealing tape specifically designed for use on light-weight cartons and packages that will be exposed to minimal handling and stress. Also provides low-cost protection for labels and routing slips.

Application Advantages
Economical yet durable.

Good adhesion to a wide variety of surfaces.

Excellent UV resistance. Resists yellowing with age.

Can be used with hand-held or automatic dispensers.

Recommended for application in ambient temperatures.

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Product Particulars
25 micron BOPP
1.8 mil
Emulsion Acrylic
Clear and Tan
Performance Data
Tensil Strength (lbs/in)
18 minimum
Elongation (% at break)
140 maximum
180º Peel Adhesion (oz/in)
UV Resistance
Note: Performance data should not be used as the basis for writing specification. Adheva recommends that customers test product performance in end use situations before implementing them in commercial applications.
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