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A complete line of solvent acrylic packaging tapes designed to deliver superior performance with hard to adhere to surfaces and cold temperature applications.

Performance Solution - Light Duty
1.8 mil solvent acrylic film tape provides excellent bonding for difficult boxboard surfaces and sealing applications. Delivers consistent performance in a wide variety of specialty applications.
Performance Solution - General Purpose
2.0 mil professional grade solvent acrylic film tape designed for light to medium-weight cartons and packages. Provides reliable closure in a wide variety of applications and environments.
High Tack / Cold Temperature
2.0 mil tape featuring a specially formulated super-tack solvent acrylic adhesive, delivers superior performance with hard to adhere to surfaces and cold temperature applications.
Performance Solution - Premium Grade
2.6 mil solvent acrylic film tape engineered for use with medium to heavy-weight cartons exposed to more demanding manufacturing and shipping conditions. Excellent choice to unitize multiple cartons for shipment.
Performance Solution - Heavy Duty
3.0 mil solvent acrylic film tape formulated to secure heavy cartons and bulky packages. High performance adhesive insures superior performance in severe application environments.
Performance Solution - Extra Heavy Duty
3.5 mil solvent acrylic film tape combines high tensile strength and premium performance adhesive for unsurpassed bonding in the most demanding packaging applications exposed to extreme environmental and handling conditions.
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By focusing on the most critical factors affecting your application, Adheva can help you fine-tune your PSA tape selection process.

1. Holding Power. Will the load on the bond be light? Heavy? How rough will shipping and handling be? Generally speaking, the heavier the carton and the rougher the handling, the thicker the PSA tape required.

2. Tensile Strength. If the tape will be stretched or elongated, or put under machine-direction stress, you need a tape with superior tensile strength.

3. Surface Conditions. Recycled or reused cartons have shortened fibers that can hinder adhesive performance. Also consider adhesive performance with dirt, dust, oil and other factors.

4. Flat and Irregular Surfaces. Tape made for use on flat surfaces may not work well on corrugated surfaces. Irregular surfaces require a PSAT with both flexibility and adhesive strength.

5. Solvent Resistance. If the sealing solution is exposed to fuels, acids, akalis or solvent chemicals, it is imperative to have a bonding solution that is solvent resistant.

6. Overfill/Underfill. Overfill presents the need for strength so that the carton doesn't burst. Underfill requires a tape with excellent initial tack to create surface bonding and resist loosening from unsupported carton flaps.

7. Temperature Considerations. Temperature greatly affects PSAT performance. Acrylic adhesives are well known for both high and low temperature performance capabilities.

8. Abrasion Resistance. When abrasion is a factor, extra backing thickness is required to offset the stresses on the bond. A thicker backing will work better in abrasive conditions.

9. UV of Fluorescent Light. Ultraviolet (UV) light is a great enemy of packaging tapes. Acrylic adhesives possess proven capabilities to limit the effects of UV and fluorescent light.

10. Manual/ Automated Application. Automated applications require consistent unwind capabiliites and good initial tack. Manual application varies from carton to carton. Choose an adhesive tape that responds well to application process variations.

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